You’ll always have fat to lose.

You’ll always have muscle to gain.

You’ll always have illnesses, injuries, and other imperfections.

You choose whether these keep you from loving your body.

You can never have a perfect body.

You always have a body you can love.

That love may mean making…

You might not know if the new diet, training program, or recovery routine will work.

Will it yield great progress?

Will it be a total waste of time?

There’s probably good reason for suspecting either outcome.

There’s only one way to find out.

Try it and see how it goes.

Pessimism is easy.

Never feeling the pain of hoping and being wrong.

Yet, what’s a life without hope?

Without a belief that things will be better?

That kind of optimism calls for putting yourself out there.

Holding onto hope in the face of fear.

Optimism is courageous.

It takes thick…

It might seem like everyone else is successful.

They’ve got the perfect lives.

The jobs, the houses, the cars.

The bodies, the families, the friends.

All while we’re struggling to just get by.

We see our mistakes, our losses, our poor decisions.

Failure after failure.

Yet, we generally only see…

Losing fat, building strength, and shaping your physique may be worthy efforts.

Yet they often fail to silence that inner critic.

That deep dissatisfaction.

Is that dissatisfaction with your body driven by dissatisfaction elsewhere in life?

Where else are you dissatisfied?

Is it in your relationships?

In your career?


Rob Arthur

You are worthy of a most excellent life. Start here:

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