Every habit serves a purpose

Rob Arthur
2 min readOct 4, 2019


Have you ever tried and failed to quit doing something?

Maybe you tried to quit smoking.

Drinking sugary drinks.

Eating junk food.


There are countless things that we try to quit.

There are just as many things that we turn back to.

Time and time again.

We quit.

We return.

We repeat the process.

There’s a reason for this.

Every habit serves a purpose.

Even if simply as a distraction, coping mechanism, or hedonistic pleasure.

Even if it brings adverse effects.

When you focus simply on quitting a habit that isn’t in alignment with your best life, you leave a void.

So don’t quit.


Perhaps replace that cigarette with a lozenge.

Swap out a soda for a flavored carbonated water.

Shift the focus from eating less junk to eating more protein and vegetables.

Don’t just white knuckle your way through not doing an old habit.

Push it out with a new one.

Figure out what purpose that habit serves and seek out alternative ways to serve that purpose without whatever downside it is you’re looking to avoid.

A mindfulness practice like meditation can be a tremendous help in identifying what purpose a habit might be serving.

You might find that it isn’t as simple as flavor or a nicotine hit.

There may be some more serious emotional work to be done.

Of course, if you’re really struggling with addiction or emotional or mental issues, consider professional help.

Regardless of whether you do this on your own or with assistance, you’ve got better options than quitting without a plan.

Behavior change is hard.

If you’re struggling to make a change, it’s not because you’re broken.

It’s not because you lack willpower.

It’s not because you’re lazy.


It’s because you’re human.

Don’t beat yourself up.

You are worthy of the most excellent life.

It may take some work to create.

It may not be easy.

But it can be excellent.

You are worthy of that.

You’ve got this.

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