Focus on doing, not achieving

We’re often disappointed when our efforts don’t yield results.

We lift the weights.

We eat the food.

We save the money.

We put in the work.

But we don’t reach our goal.

We don’t hit the PR.

We don’t reach our target weight.

We don’t amass the fortune.

We don’t get the job.

It can be a real let down.

Putting in that time and effort.

The sacrifice.

Then falling short.

It happens all the time.

Sometimes, it’s our fault.

We didn’t do things the right way.

We didn’t dedicate ourselves fully.

We didn’t put in the time and effort required.

Other times, it’s not our fault.

We just didn’t have the genes.

We started too late.

Perhaps the right opportunities just never presented themselves.

When it’s our fault, we can change our approach.

We can try again.

When it’s not our fault, we’re S.O.L.

There’s nothing further to do.

Yet, we still feel that emptiness.

We feel like a failure.

We don’t need to feel this way.

We can always find meaning in our efforts.

Even when we don’t achieve what we set out to achieve.

What you achieve isn’t fully up to you.

It’s subject to factors outside of your control.

What you always control are your actions.

The steps you take.

What you do, day in and day out.

Seeking your best life.

Regardless of the outcome.

Focus on doing, not achieving.

Your satisfaction won’t be dependent on the outcome.

You’re doing the work for the work itself.

Finding meaning in the process.

The satisfaction of knowing that you’re giving your all.

Fulfilled by giving your efforts to a worthy cause.

Knowing that you did what you could.

Even the pride of mastery of a skill.

That’s an excellent life.

You’re worthy of that life.

You’ve got this.

Originally published at on October 29, 2020.



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