How to be more optimistic

Being optimistic can be really freaking challenging nowadays.

It seems everything in the news is negative and biased.

Is it possible to stay informed without being impacted emotionally?

To be aware of external factors without dwelling on them internally?

How do we find hope and excitement when we’re wired for realism?

Questions such as these, while not uncommon, might be limiting us.

They might be holding us back by presenting false dichotomies.

Decisions that don’t necessarily have to be made.

Must we choose between between staying informed and emotional health?

Awareness of factors external to us and agency over what’s within us?

Are realism and optimism mutually exclusive?

If not anchored in truth, are hope and excitement any different from denial and delusion?

Is it “bad” news that’s problematic, or news that’s inaccurate, biased, and panders to emotion?

Seek to be informed and inspired.

Act because it’s the one thing you can do.

The one factor you can influence.

You have good in you.

You have a light to shine.

You have love to demonstrate.

You have the capability to inspire.

If you didn’t you wouldn’t be asking these questions.

You’re not the only one, either.

We all have good in us.

Even those of us who seemingly don’t.

Even those of us whose good has been suppressed by pain or fear.

We all have good.

Some of us might need some help, though.

Some of us need inspiration from people like you.

People like you who feel called for more.

Called for more.

For a better world.

So, look inward.

Do what you can to create the world in which you want to live.

Spread your light and your love.

Inspire others to do the same.

These gifts only keep giving.


No matter how small, do whatever you can to shine your light.

Surround yourself with others who want the same.

Who want to face our problems.

And tackle them.

Not ignore them.

There you will find your optimism.

You’ve got this.

Originally published at on December 12, 2019.



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