How to stay motivated

Rob Arthur
Dec 3, 2019


Have you ever struggled to stay motivated?

Or find motivation?

You are working toward a goal and you’re doing “the thing” but you’re starting to lose that drive.

You’re doing everything you can to get it back.

You’re reading inspirational memes.

Looking are people’s before and afters.

Listening to motivational podcasts.

Bingeing gurus on YouTube.

Yet you just aren’t feeling it.

The motivation just isn’t there.

What if you’re taking the wrong approach?

What if “looking” for motivation is a waste of time?

You will not find motivation in anything external to yourself.

Sure, other people and their stories might inspire you.

But they will never motivate you.

Nothing and nobody outside of yourself will ever motivate you.

When you’re struggling to stay motivated, look inward.

What are your goals?

Your desires?

Your dreams?

What do you want?

How does it align with your best life?

There you will find your motivation.

It’s a recognition, a realization, not a feeling.

You won’t always “feel” motivated.

If you’re not feeling driven to put in the work, that’s okay.

It might just be that you’re tired.

Or you had a bad day.

Or it might be time to reassess what it is toward which you’re working.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Any goal worth pursuing is worth questioning.

Let go of any expectations or goals that are no longer serving you.

Replace them with those that do.

This is your life.

You are worthy.

You’ve got this.

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