It may never happen

Rob Arthur
2 min readMay 15, 2020


Setting and achieving goals is so satisfying.

Identifying something you want to do.

Some way to improve your life.

Or the lives of others.

Determining what you have to do to get there.

Then putting in the work.

But what happens when the goal isn’t reached?

What happens when you fail?

This can be so discouraging.


We feel as though we’ve wasted our time.

As though we were stupid for ever thinking we could do it.

We may even feel regret.

This is life.

We won’t always reach our goals.

They’re not always 100% within our control.

The role they play in our lives, however is.

You can always choose how you look at your goals.

How you view your success and failures.

Next time you set a goal, ask yourself what it means to you.

It may never happen.

You may never achieve the goal.

You may never reach the target.

You may never get there.

How will you feel when all’s said and done?

Will your efforts have been worth it?

Did the work bring you satisfaction?

Was your life enriched by the process?

The goal itself is fleeting.

That final moment, where you reach it or don’t, lasts only an instant.

The time leading up to it is much longer.

The hours, days, weeks, months, years, or decades working toward it.

That time accounts for so much more of your life.

Are you focused on that time?

Putting forth effort that, even if failed, leaves no feeling of regret?

Doing work, if even for only the work itself?

That’s a life worth living.

That’s the life you deserve.

You’ve got this.

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