Missed notes

How many times have you quit taking care of yourself when you weren’t seeing any progress?

You tried the diet.

You went to the fitness class.

You followed the training program.

Any when you didn’t see the results you wanted, you quit.

It’s okay if you’ve done this.

We all have.

It is so effing hard to keep going when you put in so much effort and feel like you’re getting nowhere.

It’s easy at times like this to feel inadequate.

To feel like there’s something wrong with you.

Because you did the thing and didn’t see the outcome that you wanted.

So you might as well not even try anymore.

This mentality doesn’t account for the truth that learning how to eat, move, and live in a way that leads to looking and feeling awesome is a freaking process.

It’s a skill, and a damned hard one to learn at that.

It’s not easy.

It takes effort.

It takes experimentation.

It takes practice.

What if you looked at this process like other skills?

Like learning to play a musical instrument?

If you were learning to play the violin and hit a wrong note, would you just quit?


Why, then, would you do this when learning how to take care of yourself?

When learning what works for your body and your life, which are infinitely more complex than any musical instrument?

Fitness is skill.

There’s a learning curve.

Learning how to shop, cook, and eat.

To enjoy movement.

To rest, recharge, and recover.

To put yourself first.

To figure out what steps actually move you towards your goals.

You will take missteps.

Keep practicing.

Keep moving.

You are worth the effort.

You’ve got this.

Originally published at https://coachroba.com on August 16, 2019.



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