Nobody ever hated themselves into loving themselves

Rob Arthur
1 min readFeb 26, 2021


You can punish yourself in the gym.

You can starve yourself at the table.

You can stress over every pound and calorie.

It won’t make you love your body.

You’ll still battle the same underlying thoughts and emotions.

Nobody ever hated themselves into loving themselves.

You might think the problem is your body.

That may be partially true.

Improving your physical health will likely improve your quality of life.

However, poor physical health is often a reflection — not a driver — of the real issue.

Unworthiness, lack of self-worth, and lack of self-love.

These often drive the behaviors that lead to ill health.

Eroding the motivation to be physically active.

Encouraging food as a distraction.

Undermining any hope for improvement.

No diet or training program can fix this.

Start with a mindfulness practice.

Make time to sit alone in silence.

Let your mind and heart roam.

Explore your thoughts and feelings.

Your fears, your pain, your hopes and dreams.

No matter how uncomfortable that may be.

Picture the person you want to be.

What steps to take to become that person.

Then take those steps.

Day after day, one at a time.

No matter how small.

Patiently, consistently, and lovingly.

You’ve got this.

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