Not everything happens for a reason

Rob Arthur
1 min readJan 21, 2020


Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a “bright side” to look at.

Sometimes there is no reason for something shitty that’s happened.

Despite what countless inspirational posters, motivational speakers, and self-help books might say.

Sometimes, life is just plain hard.

Things happen that we’d rather not experience.

That we would never want anybody to experience.

And they don’t seem to lead, through any chain of events, to something positive.

These times are hard.

Yet, in these moments, we still have at least one option.

Even in those moments that challenge us.

That leave us feeling defeated.

Feeling broken.

Wondering, “Why?”

Even in those moments, we can ask.

“What can I do with this?”

“What might grow from this pain?”

Not everything happens for a reason.

Anything can serve a purpose.

Through us, we can turn any pain into good.

It might not always be easy.

It might not always be obvious.

But we always have potential.

We always have hope.

Even if in nothing else, in ourselves.

Never lose hope.

Work as hard as you can to hold onto it.

Sometimes, it seems blind.

But it’s there.

Your potential is limitless.

You are stronger than you know.

You’ve got this.

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