Nothing outside of you can make you happy

Materials degrade.

Relationships fade.

Goals come and go.

Achievements last only moments.

The pursuit.

The challenge.

These always remain.

These are where your attention is best directed.

Nothing outside of you can make you happy.

Not your weight.

Not your strength.

Not your job.

Not your car.

Not your house.

Not your bank account.

Working toward such goals is not without value.

But it’s in the means, not the end, that you’ll find your happiness.

How do your efforts align with what you see to be your best life?

If there’s a misalignment, what can you do today to close that delta just a bit?

To take one step closer toward being who you want to be?

You don’t have to go all the way.

Just one step.

Then repeat.

You may get there.

So long as you’re in motion.

That motion is where you’ll find your happiness.

You’ve got this.

Originally published at on November 12, 2019.



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