Optimism is courageous

Pessimism is easy.

Never feeling the pain of hoping and being wrong.

Yet, what’s a life without hope?

Without a belief that things will be better?

That kind of optimism calls for putting yourself out there.

Holding onto hope in the face of fear.

Optimism is courageous.

It takes thick skin.

Confidence in the good in others.

Even if that kind of good seems rare at times.

Of course, there is value in expecting the worst.

It can help avoid disappointment.

Lessen the sting of life’s let downs.

In some ways, even, promote gratitude.

However, low expectations and high hopes are not mutually exclusive.

One can acknowledge the potential for poor outcomes while still hoping for the best.

Some might think that’s naive.

At times, it might be.

There is plenty of bad in the world.

Pain, anger, hatred, envy, greed.

But there’s plenty of good, too.

Pleasure, patience, love, abundance, generosity.

They are worthy of just as much attention.

Have faith in a world full of such good.

Make that kind of world the goal.

Work to create it.

You are worthy of that kind of world.

Start by believing in it.

You’ve got this.

Originally published at https://coachroba.com on February 23, 2021.



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