The how isn’t the why

It can be really freaking tough to stick to the habits that help us move toward our goals.

We have to go out of our way to do nearly any of it.

Eating well.

Prioritizing sleep.

Living a physically active life.

Managing stress.

These take time.

They take planning.

They take effort.

Everything about our lives these days seems to pull us to other things.

Happy hours.

Social media.

Pretty much anything.

We’re often reminded, when struggling with consistency, to remember our “why”.

Why do we eat well?

Why do we prioritize sleep?

Why do we live a physically active life?

Why do we manage stress?

Many of us give this some thought.

“Because I want to lose weight.”

“Because I want to look awesome.”

“Because I want to be healthier.”

Yet we still struggle.

Some might say that these answers aren’t deep enough.

That we need to keep asking “why?”.

But what if we actually haven’t answered the question “why?” at all?

You may want to lose weight.

To look awesome.

Be healthier.

But none of these are your “why”.

These are your “how”.

Your “why” is the vision that your “how” supports.

What dream does your “how” make possible or easier?

So often we focus solely on our “how”.

We focus on the weight.

On the aesthetics.

The lab values.

We focus on everything but what truly matters.

How we live our lives.

That’s the “why”.

That’s where we focus.

You’ve got this.

Originally published at on February 14, 2020.



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