What are you practicing?

We’ve all had to learn new skills.

Tying our shoes.

Riding a bike.

Even walking, running, or speaking.

We’ve had to learn.

To practice.

Habits and behaviors that we now consider effortless once required focus and attention.

They were challenging.

But we practiced them.

We put in the reps.

Eventually, we reach some level of mastery.

Yet, what about those habits and behaviors that aren’t so benign?

Saying or thinking things that hurt others or ourselves.

Eating things that undermine our physical health.

Turning to distractions that keep us from our goals.

Such patterns aren’t unlike tying our shoes, riding a bike, or swimming.

The more we repeat a habit, behavior, or thought the more ingrained it becomes.

Like practicing a skill.

We’re always practicing something.

Strengthening something.

We strengthen those patterns that serve us.

We strengthen those that don’t.

What are you practicing?

What patterns are you reinforcing?

Are they moving you toward being who you want to be?

Living the life you want to live?

Which patterns would you like to strengthen?

Which would you like to let go?

The first step is awareness.

Pay attention to your actions and thoughts.

How they align with your values.

What steps you might take to close any gap in what you observe.

Then do the work.

Make the change.

It won’t happen overnight.

You will take steps forward and backward.

That’s okay.

Keep showing up.

You’ve got this.

Originally published at https://coachroba.com on November 16, 2020.